Monday, March 15, 2010

Hey SOOOO I'm taking the Blog BACK Over.

It's been a thousand and one years. But I'm back. I actually started a new blog. So if you like you can follow that one, it's So if you'd like, you can check it out. It's a tab bit different then this one. I haven't actually discovered what I want the purpose of my blogs to be, yet. But I'm cool, so I'll figure it out.

Oh yea.

I graduated high school. WEEEE MEEEEEE!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Life; iCEE

One Step Forward.
.three steps back.

You Want Change?!?!!!?!?!?!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Life is Fashion; iCEE

Howdy little blog-world!

Haven't seen you in many-a-moon. Welp. I've been just chilling and doodie doo'in. Going to school. Can't wait to be done with this MESS! in Feb.

Welp. I've been working on my clothing designs, doodie doo n all, and man. My whole life has been about fashion lately, like...seriously. It's all about Fashion Figures, clothing designers, spring 2010 color palets and...everything. I can't believe it.

It's crazy cuz...when I look in the mirror now, I don't see ME, yah know? I don't see Christina the Tom-boy, with the pony-tail and the baggy jeans and the hoodies. I see a girl with cute hats and a purse, and form-fitting jeans, and sandals (rememb. I told you about that jive!), and tighter shirts. Earrings, always looking to look cute and cool (well, to myself at least). And though I'm not really there where I want to be, fashion-wise, right now, I'm slowly getting there and it's scarily liberating.

Like...a few days ago i was leaving with my sister and mom, and I was rushing in the mirror trying to get ready, and before I left i looked in the mirror at myself and went "WHOA." hair was down and I just looked...girly. It was kind of an outer body reality, like...a flash-back moment, only without the visual flashback, it was more like a flashback feeling. Not saying my changing into feminine wonder-girl is bad but it's just...different.

If you all could see how I looked three years ago, and see me now, you'd be like "Dang...who the heck was she!?"


Friday, October 30, 2009

Ewe, the Sniffles; iCEE

Ha "sniffles" makes me think of Harrison Ford in "Indiana Jones", i forget which one, the one with his dad in it, i think it was The Last Crusade or something, but he walks into this room pretending to have a Scottish accent, and it's raining outside and he goes, "A-chooo! Oh look I've gone and caught a sniffle". hahaha I died, that was so funny.

Speaking of Scottland, I really want to go visit Ireland (not the same, i know) but it made me think about it. I really want to visit my native land, see what it's like.....learn to river dance...

Among other things of course...ehem.

I also want to get married, in case you didn't know. To a man name Jorge who lives in a tree shack up on Candy ave by Legumree park....down by the Basset Lake in Bologna Town...

You know...I can't help but wonder if you thought I was serious..p...pppahahahahahaha.

Nope. There's no man in my life, only sand. Look...lots and lots of sand.

BTW...I'm sick.


Some people are shy with words.
I on the other hand, embrace them, make them my own, nuture them until they're grown,
To do all of the things I taught them and raised them to do.

To work my wonders for me.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Howdy; iCEE

Am I crazy?

That's pretty blunt, but in all reality.
Am I? I...